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Discover how our SEO and PPC strategy has been successful in boosting bookings for this dental practice in Bournemouth. Both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) are essential digital marketing techniques that can drive traffic to a website and increase visibility in search engine results.


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Open Project

The Challenge

A dental practice in Bournemouth has recently changed owners and had a low patient turnout which resulted in decreased appointments despite having an amazing team of dentists and high spec equipment.

Our challenge was to improve the client’s website visibility in order to attract and convert as many patients as possible.

Our Approach

After conducting thorough research on the client’s website, competitors, and target audience, we developed a comprehensive SEO strategy as well as very comprehensive Google Ads Campaign withing our dental practice seo and ppc service.

SEO Strategy

    • Keyword research: We identified relevant and high-traffic keywords related to the client’s services.
    • Content optimization: We optimized the client’s existing content and added fresh and worked on the on-page code to optimize meta data and content in accordance with the keyword research.
    • Technical SEO: We fixed the technical issues on the client’s website, such as broken links, slow page speed, and mobile responsiveness, to enhance user experience and search engine visibility.
    • Link building: We implemented a link building strategy to earn high-quality backlinks from relevant and authoritative websites to improve the client’s website authority and search engine rankings.


Google Ads / Pay Per Click Strategy

  • Keyword research: Using the Keyword Planner provided by Google Ads we were able to identify high ROI keywords in the dentistry niche.
  • Ads Design: Our copy writers have designed engaging and informative Ads that captivated the audience’s interest.
  • Optimized Bidding
  • Improved Asset Delivery

The Result

Our SEO strategy yielded impressive results for the client, including:
– 50% Increase in Organic Clicks.
– 70% Increase in Impressions.
– New First Page keywords such as : dentist bournemouth, emergency dentist bournemouth, teeth whitening bournemouth, hygienist bournemouth etc.
Our ongoing SEO efforts continue to deliver positive results for the client and help them stay ahead of the competition in the highly competitive dentistry industry.
Our Google Ads Campaign yielded even more impressive results:
 – 800% Increase in Impressions.
 – 700% Increase in Clicks.
The combined efforts of SEO and PPC have successfully attracted more patients to the practice, resulting in a remarkable growth of 500% in the number of appointments. This outstanding achievement showcases the power of the increased visibility and targeted advertising campaigns we implemented.
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