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Pixel-perfect design for exceptional User Experience.

User experience is one of the top factors in any e-commerce store that directly influences a store’s ability to attract and transact.

Today’s eCommerce stage has developed into a constant competition between marketers, developers and designers to provide a flawless user experience and at times with the help of cookies to serve the exact product or content that the visitor is looking for.

This is why, at Takeoff Digital, we take everything into consideration when creating a design, carefully analysing technical, design and user experience aspects gathering data from true sources and analysing visitor behaviour.

Working with important figures in the industry enables us to create flawless experiences and deliver every project on time and right-first-time with multi-platform and multi-device testing.

Processes and aspects we consider when designing magento websites

Magento Design Planning

Visitor Research

Understanding who your customers are is essential in creating a tailored UX. We analyze things such as internet speed, location, device and web browser capabilities which enable us to deliver a tailored experience and convert a visitor into a customer.


The wireframe is at the base of every design, we research your products, services and category structure to create a fluid wireframe and organically blend the filters and layered navigation around it.

Market & Competitor Analysis

Understanding your industry and your competitors gives us insight in how your business works, how your competition is approaching it and to enable us to raise the bar and produce a superior experience.

Product Research

Understanding how your products and services work enable us to provide improved experiences and features that are decision makers in converting a visitor into a sale and to create returning customers.

Interactive Experiences

Part of a tailor made experience is represented by integrating with 3rd party APIs such as interactive size guides, social media integrations, review integrations and various custom code for user interaction and product personalization.

Search Engine Optimisation

​In a world where who rules the search engines rules the market, SEO is an important aspect for every website and we take all aspects into consideration from content and structure to keywords and speed.

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Magento Web Design Excellence

Whether you are just starting up your website or your brand is already established, a design that represents your brand and a tailor made user experience are key elements in turning your website into an e-commerce powerhouse and boost your conversions.

Our magento developers have been creating magento web design services for over 15 years, working with clients from an extensive number of industries such as luxury skin-care, jewellery, fashion, healthcare, safety, construction, education and more.

Working with clients from both B2B and B2C business enables us to offer the best solutions on design, features and user experience for our clients.

Magento Services

Magento eCommerce Services

Magento Design

Flawless experiences and deliver every project on time with multi-platform and multi-device testing.

Magento Development

Full Magento Project delivery including Scoping, Wireframing, UX, Development, Population, 3rd Party Integrations, Testing & Launch

Magento Support

Take your Magento powered website to the next level with our tailored support plans with SLA.

Magento Integrations

Integrate Magento with key 3rd party systems, such as: ERP, PIM, WMS, EPOS and Finance.


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