SEO June 10, 2021

Brookhouse UK – SEO

One of the most well established and respected school refurbishment companies in the UK.


SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Open Project

The Challenge

Our SEO project for Brookhouse UK needed to increase their organic website traffic on a large array of keywords from the school and educational refurbishment niche, this would help them get more leads for refurbishment projects and strengthen their position on the search engine as one of the most respected school refurbishment companies in the UK.

The website had good content showcasing their refurbishment services and case studies with refurbishment projects they have completed in the past but was not optimized for SEO and the indexing rate was at 20%.

Our Approach

As always, we have started with a thorough keyword research and on-site SEO optimization in static pages, service and case studie pages as well as rearranging content on the page and adding missing tags and specific seo meta code.

Within the on-page optimization project we realised the website was slow and sluggish and we found out that it was not just a matter of a few plugins not working properly but the entire wordpress database had been left without primary keys so we had to recreate every table in the database and migrate the data.

After solving the WordPress website issues and the on-page optimization we have started the link building process to increase the authority of the domain as well as setting up search console and analytics to track the organic traffic.

The Result

We have successfully placed Brookhouse on the first page of google for keywords such as ‘educational refurbishment, ‘teacher walls’, ‘ict suite’,’ict room’,’lab refurbishment’ and more, having over 200 keywords ranking first page now.

As a result the website has seen a traffic growth by 160% and an exponentially lower CPA than using paid ads helping our client get more refurbishment projects and increase their revenue.

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