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SRS Tactical USA – SEO

SRS Tactical are based in Florida, USA, they specialize in the supply of safety products for head, face and body for all industries.


SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Open Project

The Challenge

Our Magento SEO project for SRS Tactical needed to increase their organic website traffic on a large array of keywords from the safety tactical products niche, this would help them increase sales and strengthen their position on the search engine as one of the most respected safety products supplier in the USA.

Our Approach

As always, we have started with a thorough keyword research and on-site SEO optimization on home page, category and product pages as well as rewriting some of the meta descriptions based on data gathered in the keyword research.

After registering the website in Google Search Console, we have found out the website was having CLS issues which our developers have fixed.

SEO Strategy:

  • On-page optimization: optimizing website structure, meta tags, header tags, and content for keywords and user experience
  • Off-page optimization: building high-quality backlinks to the website through guest posting, broken link building, and influencer outreach
  • Content marketing: creating and promoting high-quality blog posts and articles to attract backlinks and social shares

The Result

We are publishing this case study at the end of their second month of SEO and we are happy to share the amazing results using the reporting from Google Search Console..

Month 1 (25/08 – 25/09 vs 25/09 – 25/10)

+11% Increase in Organic Clicks
+12% Increase in Impressions

Month 2 (25/10 – 25/11 vs 25/10 – 25/11)

+22% Increase in Organic Clicks (vs September)
+42% Increase in Impressions (vs September)
+13% Increase in Organic Clicks
+34% Increase in Impressions

Based on these reports, the website has seen an increase of 22% in clicks and 42% in impressions just after two months, making this an amazing seo sprint and a healthy trajectory for the coming months.

March 2023 Update

Impressions: 13.5K/Day
Clicks: 400/Day average
The SEO campaign delivered exceptional results for the client. Within six months of starting the campaign, the website saw a significant increase in organic traffic and search engine visibility.
The organic seo trajectory for SRS Tactical has spiked in the recent weeks taking the average number of 400+ clicks/day and the number of impressions to 13.5K
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