Magento SEO Tips

Magento is the most SEO friendly eCommerce platform , it gives the user a lot of seo options including friendly urls for products , categories and different types of meta data for your website.

This being said , it’s pretty much the same for everyone that runs their e-commerce website on Magento. But how can you make a difference and how can you improve ? How can you outrank your competition ?
Magento as good as it is seo wise , it lacks in automation , it won’t affect you if your Magento store has a few products and you take time to edit meta data such as descriptions and titles and other meta for each and every one of those products and categories.
When you are looking at a 1000+ products Magento website the seo game changes a bit and you have to do some further development to make it right.

Magento SEO tips and developments

  • add structured data from to your product template
  • generate meta data such as description and title from your product/category object.
  • pull social image from the product image.
  • make sure that the product/category name are the only items in the page that have the h1 tag

After you are done with the developments and coding in the magento product and category templates you will need to make sure your website is fast enough.

Other changes you could do to fine tune your magento seo:

  • fix your caching system
  • increase memory size allocated for mysql to store more cache
  • fix indexing system

If you want a more detailed magento seo article on a specific section please feel free to drop us a line.

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