Magento Product Review Grouping Module

Magento has a native product reviews capability and also offers the option to use a hosted review management system.

Our client, Dr Sebagh, being on Magento since their beginnings, gathered a large collection of reviews however, having the same product in different sizes (professional size, travel size etc.) meant they have different review collections for each product.


Due to the fact that the number of reviews and ratings for the same product was different for each product meant that the customer was missing out on important information from reviews.

As an example, they had 4 reviews for the 150ml size, 40 reviews for the 50ml size and none for the 15ml travel size despite size being their only difference.

In this instance a customer looking at the travel size would not see the reviews and ratings from the other two sizes.


We created a plugin to the Review Collection that unifies the collection of reviews for similar products and also recalculates the aggregated rating.

The plugin shows relevant review information on search pages, product pages and category pages.

This solution offers important  information to the customer and it represents an important conversion factor as studies show that 93% of online consumers say reviews are influencing their shopping choices.

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