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We delivered a fast, good looking, reliable and robust magento website, built as per the client’s requests.


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The Challenge

The Client required website that would serve as a shopping platform for their high end skin care range and also a presentation website for their London and Paris clinics. Before we started working on the project they had a Magento 1 multi-language website (english and chinese) website with one of the category trees expanding into the presentation of the clinics. The client has asked us to create a website which would also include a homepage for the clinic so we had to separate the clinic side from the shop side and create two websites that would share the same url. Key aspects of the new website
  1. Speed
  2. Easy Switching through stores and websites
  3. Shipping methods for customers world-wide
  4. Payment methods for customers world-wide
  5. Custom Product Pages
  6. Custom Category Pages
  7. Order history

Our Approach

We provided a dedicated project and support service team to the team at Dr Sebagh, working closely with their directors and IT team to understand their procedures and workflow. Weekly meetings with the client and communication via our issue management tool, meant we were able to effectively manage the priorities, meet expectations and ensure we were working towards the required goals.

The Result

We delivered a fast, good looking, reliable and robust website, built as per the client’s requests. Now with two websites in one installation sharing the same url and with a store switcher at the front which uses cookies to route customers to the right website, fully responsive on all devices offering an amazing user experience for customers all around the world.

Key Projects

Magento Website Speed

Our code has been optimised to deliver an outstanding user experience with the help of caching technologies such as Varnish and search solutions such as Elastic Search configured for Magento by our system experts. With the help of Cloudflare and some in-house created tools which sync with the Cloudflare API we are delivering the same amazing user experience to their customers wherever they may be located in the world.

Shipping Methods

Dr Sebagh being a world renowned brand, they ship their amazing products to customers all around the world. With the help of our custom extensions we have managed to implement shipping solutions for every corner of the world.

Payment Methods

For the same reason as the above, they needed to have a large array of payment methods so they can take payments from customer from all over the world.

Custom Product Pages

Due to the nature of the products and the branding strategy of our client we had to customize the product pages so they would incorporate multiple tabs in the product description such as product videos, current offers, instructions for using the product and of course product reviews and appearances in famous fashion and lifestyle magazines all over the world.

Store Switcher

As requested by the client we would not only migrate the current website but also introduce a completely new website which would represent their London and Paris clinics. The challenge here was that this was requested to be built under the same url so we had to heavily customize this side of Magento. We implemented a store switcher at the front for new customers which would receive  a cookie that would save their choice of website, secondly, the customers can always switch through buttons within the website if they should want to go from clinic to shop and vice-versa. To have a good seo structure we also created an automatic redirection to stores based on the url. For example, if the visitor would open a product url this would take the visitor to the shop website or if this would be a clinic url, to the clinic website.

Order History

The challenge in importing the order history for Dr Sebagh was that from the point of starting the build and going live, new orders and customers have been created. We have initially migrated the data using Magento’s Data Migration Tool, however, after doing this we have added a completely new website and store to the build so a delta migration was going to be a very complicated. We have managed to get this over the lines by building our own import tool which has successfully added all the missing data and enabled us to set this website live.
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